Welcome to my blog! A little spill on why I am starting a baking blog..



So excited to be beginning my baking blog. I love to bake and it makes me so happy to be able to share my love with other people. Hopefully I will be baking ALOT more, now I have an excuse!! (must bake for my blog!!) I often adapt recipes I have tried before, and make them my own- wherever I can I will credit where I found/tried something yummy, because most is not my own ideas. I enjoy experimenting so I hope in the future I can begin to make my own recipes!!

Sweetspice Delights began as I ventured out into my local town and had a market stall, which I had planned for during school in ‘Research Project’. It is a subject in Australian schools that requires senior students to think of an idea and develop it, showing all the planning and thought processes along the way, and aim to make a finished product/concept. Mine was ‘how to run a market stall’. The name came from making gingerbread men (sweet and spice) for the stall, and I thought it had a good sound to it. Ha. The logo I designed myself, this was  also part of my research project subject.

I am not currently doing stalls, too much effort and no profit, and as much as I don’t mind no profit, it is hard work! But it was a really good experience. I do some outside orders for people who know about my baking, but most is just for family and friends, no charge of course because I love them (naww).

Okay, I have run out of things to say, and I feel silly posting to no-one just yet, but hopefully people will come across me and have a look and say hi and find a new recipe to share with their family and friends, or keep it to themselves!! 

Hope to post some more soon. Off to eat a banana cupcake!!

Kirra xoxo

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